Seasonal Success – The Perfect Flowers for Winter Weddings

When you think of winter weddings, you don’t often think of flowers. However, there are plenty of great flowers for winter weddings perfect for creating a romantic and lush winter ambience. As the Second edition of our “seasonal success” series, we’re introducing the perfect flowers for winter weddings! If you missed the First edition, check it out here. Our goal is twofold. First, we hope to share plenty of floral inspiration for your winter wedding. But also we hope to provide you with a knowledge of a handful of unique blooms, all perfect for a winter wedding!

Winter Wedding Flowers Inspiration

Choosing flowers for Winter weddings can be daunting because you might not think anything blooms in winter! Apart form the fact that that’s not entirely true, it’s also important to understand that while winter is happening here in Chicago, things are blooming down in Central America, The Netherlands, and other parts of the world. But that being said, if you are getting married in the Winter, you want to chose flowers that complement that season.

And so finding that perfect inspiration for how you want your winter wedding to feel is key! While some people might want all-white blooms, others might want a lot of Red flowers with accents of evergreens for a more holiday feel. Below are some of our favorite winter weddings that we have produced right here in Chicago!

Winter Wedding Flower Options

Next, after you have identified your winter wedding inspiration it is time to delve into your floral options to help bring the vision to life! There are plenty of romantic white flowers to choose from if you are going for a glamorous all-white look. If your vibe is more of a colorful, rich look there are plenty of great red and burgundy blooms and berries to pick from.

Lastly, we always love to add plenty of texture to our designs. For example, you could add in evergreen foliages such as cedar, pine, or magnolia leaf. (Did you know that the undersides of the Magnolia is fuzzy and the tops are super glossy?) . You can also include twigs or birch branches as well as pine cones for a nice winter wedding look. Now take a gander at some of our favorite flowers for winter weddings in this gallery below.



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