Seasonal Success – The Perfect Flowers for Fall Weddings

One of the best parts about the Midwest is the dramatic changes to the landscape from season to season. And because we’re obsessed with cohesiveness, we encourage our couples to embrace a floral vision that complements the season. So we have put together a series of blogs full of inspiration for weddings in each season. Today is the first part in that blog series and we’re focussing on flowers for fall weddings.

Fall Wedding Flowers come in many colors, shapes, textures and sizes. To some people, fall reminds them of deep bold jewel-toned blooms. And to others, it might be noted by an array of red, orange, and yellow foliages. Regardless of what fall means to you, when it comes to flowers for Fall weddings, we believe it’s all about utilizing an abundance of TEXTURES! Before we dive into specific fall wedding flowers, we’ll start by looking at some different overall fall floral palettes for a wedding (all from past Life In Bloom Weddings).

Once we have narrowed in on a specific overall palette, we can begin putting together a specific floral recipe. Some of our couples want a more formal floral palette, others want their arrangements to feel super loose and organic. This will be the next factor in determining what flowers for fall weddings will be best to incorporate. To help get some ideas flowing, we have selected TEN of our favorite fall blooms that we love to use in fall weddings! (Inspiration photos below sourced via Pinterest)

Flowers for Fall Weddings



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