Event Design 101 – Wedding Dance Floor

Dancing is one of the main activities at any wedding celebration.  So it only makes sense that you really invest in creating a unique Wedding Dance Floor for you and your guests to enjoy.  And there are many ways that you can use decor to breathe life onto your dance floor.  So without further ado, today we will highlight 5 ways to create the perfect wedding dance floor!

1. Customized Vinyl Monogram Appliqué

Wedding Dance floors by themselves can be somewhat lackluster.  The look of those interlocking wood tiles just don’t do it for us.  In the right venue, all you need to do is cover that dance floor with a vinyl cover and slap on a gorgeous vinyl appliqué with your new custom monogram and you transform that dance floor from a 1990’s birthday party at the local community center to a well-polished luxurious statement piece on par with any celebrity wedding!

2. Pattern/Artwork

Perhaps a monogram just ins’t your style.  You might still want to spruce up the dance floor without completely ‘branding it.’  And that’s quite understandable.  For that couple, we recommend adding in some unique design element to the floor.  We’re thinking stripes, printed watercolor, polka-dots, geometric shapes, etc. The Sky is the limit!  (Or should we say the FLOOR is the limit?)

3. Suspended Installations

If you have some tall ceilings, we recommend adding some chandeliers above or a floral/greenery piece to freshen up the space.  Adding a large dramatic focal piece really draws guests out onto the dance floor.  Just make sure not to hang it too low where people might be inclined to jump and hit the piece during an invigorating version of “Shout!”

4. Frame the Dance Floor

Sometimes you might not even want or need to add an actual dance floor depending on the existing surface.  In this case, it really helps to have something that can section off the dance floor area and make that its own experience. Planters, trellis pieces, lounge-seating, even small trees; any of these can help to define the dance floor space.

5. Light it up

There are many ways to illuminate a dance floor.  You can opt for a gentle ‘wash’ which will add warmth and texture to the floor itself.  Or you can add cafe lights or string lights above the wedding dance floor for a more relaxed feel.  Paper lanterns are another fun option that, if done right, can add a fun and playful feel to the dance floor.  A heavy display of chandeliers, as mentioned earlier can both illuminate the space while also creating a classy and dramatic ambience.Lights over Dance Floor




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