Wedding Decor Trends for 2018 couples

At Life In Bloom, we are always trying to design events where the decor withstands the test of time.  We are deliberate about choosing materials (floral product, vases, linens, etc. ) that we believe to be truly timeless and elegant.  That being said, here are 6 Wedding Trends for 2018 that we are so excited to see many of our couples embracing!

1.  Velvet

The first of our 6 wedding trends for 2016 is Velvet.  Velvet brings in another textural dimension into your wedding.  Velvet details we are loving lately are linens, runners, bouquet ribbons, & invitation accents.  We used these stunning Rose Quartz Table runners from BBJ for So-Jin & Kevin this Fall.  The warmth & texture of the velvet helped create an intimate cozy vibe when paired with lots of candlelight and rich bold blooms.

velvet linens wedding decor trends 2018

velvet linens wedding decor trends 2018

2. Geometrics

Next on our list of wedding decor trends for 2018 is anything and everything geometric.  Geometric shapes are a great way to incorporate some more modern details while still keeping it tasteful.  We are obsessing over these geometric lanterns and table numbers and I can promise you, these are going to get a lot more use this coming wedding season!
wedding decor trends 2018 geometric lanterns

wedding decor trends 2018 geometric lanterns

wedding decor trends 2018 geometric

3. Stone & Concrete Vases

One of our favorite wedding decor trends for 2018 is definitely the usage of concrete and stone vessels. Stone vases are a nice breath of fresh air from the traditional mercury glass, & silver & gold vases which have been super popular over the past few years.  The stone & concrete provide a more natural and aged look and really goes well with the organic & natural design trend we’ve seen becoming more popular over the last few years.  Don’t be afraid to bring in touches of stone or concrete into your floral vessels.  When paired with the right floral palette, votives, and additional tableware these stone vases can really elevate the look and can turn your event from drab to fab!  And in the end, the overall design will look very elegant and classy!

stone vase centerpiece wedding decor trends 2018

stone vase centerpiece wedding decor trends 2018

4. Donut Walls

While cupcakes were super popular in the earlier part of this decade, we have witnessed a massive donut craze sweep the event world.  And with that, Donut Walls have been popping up everywhere!  This past fall we created this beautiful reclaimed wood wall with natural shelves. We may be biased but if you are serving Donuts- we’re pretty sure it’s the perfect decor element to draw your guests over.

wedding decor trends donut walls

wedding decor trends donut walls

5. Suspended Decor

There has been an explosion of interest in suspended floral & decor and we couldn’t be more excited!  While we have used a lot of greenery in the past for our suspended pieces we are looking forward to incorporating more fun colors as well as a suspended piece entirely of white delphinium & snapdragon coming in February- stay tuned!

wedding decor trends 2018 suspended greenery

wedding decor trends 2018 suspended greenery

wedding decor trends 2018

6. Color

While some may stay safe with a classic green & white palette, we love our color-loving couples!  Depending on the season you are getting married, your venue, or your wedding style- incorporating pops of vibrant color may be the way to go!  Tones of burgundy & peach look amazing in the Fall while Spring is the perfect season to incorporate some bright pinks, peaches, yellow and touches of lavender for a more pastel look.  Additionally, draping can play a big roll in introducing color into your wedding decor.

colorful wedding

colorful bouquet jewel tones

peach and green bouquet

We are still captivated by the burgundy fabric which pops off the MCA terrace’s backdrop for Lauren & Justin’s ceremony and Alice & Sidd’s stunning pink & orange Mandap!

wedding ceremony arch fabric swag

wedding decor trends

Let us know what you think in the comments section.  Will you be incorporating any of these ideas into your wedding this year?



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