What Defines a Luxury Event Design Brand

As a company that takes pride in being a Luxury Event Design brand; we take the service that we offer to our clients VERY seriously!  The other day we had an internal discussion about what sets us apart and what makes us a ‘Luxury Event Design’ brand vs those that also produce great work.  And to be honest, how we define luxury is anything but sexy.  And most of our clients might never SEE the difference, but they WILL experience it.

Anyone who has worked with or worked for Life In Bloom knows that we take our Tuesdays more seriously than any day of the week.  Anybody can show up on Thursday or Friday ready to design a collection of beautiful floral arrangements.   Heck, that’s the fun part of the job!  The less enjoyably part, and the part that sets the tone for the rest of the week, and eventually leads to the success or failure of an event happens on Tuesdays.

On Tuesdays, our team spends the entire day cleaning up the previous weekend’s events and putting everything back in their rightful boxes and designated areas within our studio.  Luxury Event Design at its finest!  Next it comes time to pull all of the hard goods for the upcoming events.  Candles, Votives, Vases, Pedestals.  The list goes on and on.  We prep the tool boxes, and make sure there is plenty of extra tape, pins, wire, and glue-dots. As you can imagine this requires lists. Lots and lots of lists!

Wedding Day Check List

From working at previous companies (whose names I won’t mention) I learned that if you fail on Tuesday, you fail on Saturday.  And regardless, the show must go on.  There are no second chances.  If you don’t pack extra vases and something breaks in transit to the venue, you are SOL.  When you don’t clean the glass well on Tuesday, there likely isn’t time to make everything shine in the few hours you have on site.  And if you want to be a luxury brand, your glass sure as hell better shine!Luxury Event Design

Leading up to the very first wedding that I ever produced on my own, my father (a successful business owner in his own right) gave me the following advice:

  1.  The customer is always right.
  2. Always remember the five P’s (Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance).

“As long as you’ve got those, you’ll go far!” he told me.  And over the last five years, I’d say we’ve been prepared for pretty much anything thats been thrown at us. Hurricanes, Droughts, Broken Vases. We’ve always had a back-up plan to our back-up plan and as a result, our clients have never experienced anything but perfection. And THAT is how we at Life In Bloom define Luxury.



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