Wedding Chandeliers for your big day!

An obvious and exciting part of wedding decor is selecting the perfect wedding chandeliers and lighting fixtures.  However, it is important to identify the overall style of your wedding before you start getting into specifics.

Style must be determined before choosing exactly which wedding chandeliers you want to incorporate.  Once you narrow down a desired aesthetic, you can start to browse which exact chandeliers are available and fit your budget. (FYI Chandeliers can cost a lot of money).

Most of all, what you do with the chandeliers can be just as important as which chandeliers you select. Always keep in mind scale! Scale is everything!  You don’t want something small in a massive space, it will look puny or worse, get lost. Also you don’t want something massive hanging from a relatively low ceiling, it will look silly and seem out of place.

Lastly, some specific places where we recommend incorporating some gorgeous chandeliers are in a ceremony arch/structure (like a chuppah or mandap).  Or you could have some fun over a sweetheart table or head table. Maybe even consider hanging a collection high above the dance floor.  Perhaps if you’re feeling crazy, dropping chandeliers over many of the guest’s tables can create a really magical and intimate feel to your wedding.

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite chandeliers to use in a wedding setting. Enjoy!

Geometric Chandeliers and Light Pendants:

Crystal Chandeliers:

Industrial Chandeliers and Lighting Fixtures:

Finally, for some inspiration for how you can incorporate these chandeliers into your wedding day:


Wedding Chandelier Inspiration 1



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