Life In Bloom 2018 in Review

Happy New Year!!  Thank you so much for following along with Life in Bloom’s journey throughout this past year.  As we reflect on all that occurred in 2018 and start to look ahead at 2019, I can’t help but keep coming back to the word GROWTH.  2018 was the year of growth here at Life In Bloom & with growth, came its own challenges.  So much happened & changed in the past 365 days, it’s hard to believe it has been just one year!  With that being said we’d like to reflect on some of our momentous moments throughout 2018.


On February 1st of 2018 we moved into a brand spanking new studio space in the Fulton Market- Noble Square neighborhood of Chicago more than doubling the size of our past studio.  It’s truly our dream space, like an extension of our brand, and we are so happy to be able to produce all of our events here and invite our clients in to start the creative process.  Look out for a blog next week with a full studio tour but for now, here are a few images of our space!  All studio photos by Artistrie Co.

We also obtained our beloved giant walk in cooler endearingly given the name “Bertha” to supplement our smaller display cooler “Lucy”.


In April of 2018 we welcomed my husband, Tim, full time to the Team.  That had been a long time coming.  Tim has been working tirelessly behind the scenes for the past 6 years so it’s nice to have him finally on board full time!  Tim is Part Art Director and part Director of Operations.  He produces and designs all of our art projects, branding, client presentations and manages the logistics of our events & hiring.  It’s mind-blowing that we somehow made it all work in the past without him.

In addition to Tim, we nearly tripled our team of floral designers.  This crew was so positive and kept a smile on their faces even during our craziest month of September.


By the numbers we created a whole lot of pretty.  Hundreds of thousands of stems filled the studio, were arranged and sent out on events.  Our team produced 69 Weddings & Events and 8 more bridal showers & rehearsal dinners.

We produced 514 bouquets:

843 Boutonnieres:

661 Compotes:

243 Tall Arrangements:

35 Floral Installations:

22 Elevated Stand Arrangements:

9 Boxwood Walls:

46 Ceremony/Large Focal Pieces:

PHEW!  Like I said earlier, it was the year of growth and with that came learning to do everything on a larger scale, like switching from Refrigerated Cargo Vans to 16′ Refrigerated Trucks.


As we wrap up the year here at Life In Bloom, we can say with full certainty that it was another year full of beautiful weddings and events!  There have been a lot of changes this year to our team, our process, and even our space; all of which we’re extremely excited about! While we have big plans for the future, we are also making sure to enjoy this crazy, beautiful, mad journey we are on.  We look forward to building on our past successes, and further growing our extremely talented team.  To our current clients in 2019 we are absolutely ecstatic to kick off all the pretty that is to come.  Let’s do this!



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