Five Ways To Jazz Up Holiday Tabletop Decor

Do you ever feel as though the holidays creep up on you? The big festive parties, tree-lighting ceremonies and endless dinner invites pile up all through November. All of a sudden you blink and it’s December 1st. You haven’t decorated the house, planned your Christmas celebration and have no idea what holiday trends to keep up with? This is often the case in my own personal life, however this year is different! I am here to share some quick and easy ways to celebrate with holiday tabletop trends that will keep your Christmas party classy, yet affordable and most importantly- stress free!

Let’s talk about tablescapes. The tabletop decor is easily one of the most eye-snatching elements at a holiday party. It is where family and friends from near and far gather to share laughs, memories and joy with one another…  and it all starts at the dining room table! 

Gold Rimmed Glassware

Something that will seemingly never go out of style is the gold rim. From votives, to coupes and china you can spice up any tabletop with a pop of gold. At Life In Bloom, one our favorite ways to jazz up tabletop decor is using the Jamali Gardens etched glass votive holders and pairing with gold rimmed glassware. Whether you are having a small gathering, or setting a table for 30, these small accents will go a very long way!

From Left to Right, Les Coeurs Sauvages Gold Rimmed Coupes, Christian Siriano Optic Gold Rim Highball Glass, Serene Spaces Etched Glass Votives, Mark & Graham Gold Rimmed Rocks Glass

Greenery Filled Compotes

It’s quite evident that a greenery filled compote can elevate any space during the holidays. Adding a perfectly scaled low & lush vase to your dining room table can be just the touch to take your tablescape up a notch. Some of our seasonal favorites are Ilex Berry – real & faux white, magnolia, the obvious cedar and juniper pine, Carolina sapphire, eucalyptus blue bells and Christmas bush. Adding an assortment of these florals into a low compote can add the perfect amount of cheer to your holiday dining table!

The Perfect Runner

Sometimes a whimsical holiday runner is all you need to elevate a room! For as long as I can remember, I always look forward to seeing the runners on our dining room table… They change every single year! Although this seems like a small touch, the runner can be the focal point of the room. Additionally, it can lead the eye directly to a beautiful centerpiece. If you are working with little decor, a runner is one of the simplest ways to add beauty & elegance! My pick of “The Perfect Runner” differs depending on the room I am in, the china available and the linens that are around. However, I have linked below some options that can be added to the list of forever favorites.

Left; Jardin Estate Hand Embroidered Linen Runner, From Top Left; Almaden 90-Inch Table Runner, Williams Sonoma Gingham Table Runner, Gold Buche De Noel Runner, Cotton Winter Scene, Tree Tabletop Runner 72-Inch, Scandi Wood Block Holiday Runner

Taper Candles

My personal favorite of all tabletop decor… The candles! Not just any candles, but fun, offbeat tapers. These will surely add a level of “wow” to the dining room. This holiday season, enhance your tabletop with bright candlelight and create the most elegant evening with simplicity and ease. My personal favorite is The Floral Society Parchment Set. Not only does this set have the perfect assortment of unusually shaped tapers, they burn for 8+ hours have minimal dripping! Click the links below to find some other amazing options!

Personal Touches

If, by chance you have all the time on your hands to create a personalized dining room table, then this one’s for you! Paper details make all the difference in creating an intimate holiday dinner that brings family and friends together. Whether this is a place card, custom menu or a personalized glass of champagne, having something with your name on it, surely goes the extra mile during the holidays. 

The holiday season always seem to creep up on me. However, I wanted to remind myself, and anyone reading that the holidays are to be filled with family, friends, and bringing loved ones together. Hopefully this gave you some insight in how to jazz up your tabletop decor & leave you feeling festive, relaxed and excited for whatever party the holiday brings to you! Share this post with the festive party-hosts, the decorators and most importantly .. the scrooges whom could use a bit of excitement around the Christmas season!

Happy holidays & cheers to all!

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