5 Hot Wedding Venues in Chicago perfect for a Large Guest Count

Looking for the perfect wedding venue can be an exciting yet difficult process. A lot of factors go into looking for a venue, especially the size of your guest count. Here are 5 hot wedding venues in Chicago perfect for a large guest count that are some of Life in Bloom’s favorites.

Morgan Manufacturing

Morgan Manufacturing’s industrial style space is located at 401 N. Morgan Street in Chicago, Illinois. (Hence their instagram handle: @401MorganMFG). This unique space has around 32,000 square feet which can thus accommodate a remarkably extensive guest list. Morgan Manufacturing is one of our top hot wedding venues in Chicago because it can be transformed into your dream ceremony or reception space and the original skylights are absolutely beautiful! Even though this space has now been around for nearly a decade, it is still probably one of the most popular venues in the city, especially if you have a big guest count. We probably work here half a dozen times each year and we love it! Check out a few of our favorite Morgan Manufacturing Weddings here: Summer Chic Wedding + Multicultural Colorful Wedding + Romantic-Industrial Fall Wedding

Four Seasons Chicago

The Four Seasons is a hotel located at 120 E. Delaware Pl. in Chicago, Illinois. This venue has the perfect location for guests to spend the night and is right off of The Magnificent Mile. The Four Season’s was picked as one of our hot wedding venues because it has a gorgeous staircase leading up to the grand ballroom and, of course, the spectacular service you can expect from a Four Seasons Hotel. Note that the ballroom as well as many other parts of their hotel have been going through some recent renovations and the, refreshed look has a much more modern aesthetic and less traditional. Some people are happy about the makeover, I’ve also heard some people say they’ll miss the old classic look. Check out this full gallery from of the last weddings that we produced with the old carpet, crystal chandeliers, and Damask Wallpaper. Quite stunning!

Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is located at 111 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. The Museum itself has a few different locations where you can host your wedding but for a larger guest count, we are specifically focussing on Griffin Court. The Griffin Court event space is known for its minimalistic design and because of the all glass ceiling, plenty of natural light! Plus the ability to hold a large guest count is in the same league as Morgan Manufacturing. @Properties hosted their annual corporate party here a few years back and I want to say it held over 1000 people (standing).

This modern space is a great blank canvas for any large wedding and will allow you to custom your look and design without needing to fit one particular design aesthetic. That being said, adding in some tall elements is crucial to really help fill the space. We did that with some extra tall floral arrangements for this Summer Wedding at The Art Institute last year.

Bridgeport Art Center

Bridgeport Art Center is located at 1200 W. 35th Street in Chicago’s historic Bridgeport neighborhood. This historic space which used to be a Warehouse and Manufacturing facility for Albert Fick and Colarge in their glory days has two main venue within its entirety. On the first floor is “Sculpture Garden” which has both and indoor and outdoor courtyard area (perfect for a dreamy “outdoor” ceremony without the risk of rain since it is technically covered).

Then on the top floor of Bridgeport Art Center, is “Skyline Loft” which has its own beautiful skylight that runs much of the length of the venue. With windows along the entire north side that overlook a beautiful view of the skyline, you can understand why it gets its name. Regardless of which space you pick for your wedding, the venue is full of exposed brick walls and wood beamed ceilings that speak to the history of the building. This venue can hold cocktail parties up to 900 guests and sit down up to 600 guests. One of our all-time favorite weddings used both Skyline Loft AND Sculpture Garden. Check out their entire gallery here!

Langham Chicago

The Langham, Chicago is located at 330 N. Wabash Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. The Langham is known for its sophisticated and chic look. The Devonshire Ballroom sits on the third floor of this strikingly modern building designed by the famous Architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s originally as The IBM Building. The large windows which offer breathtaking views of the Chicago River Walk provide guests with that true city wedding feeling. Three massive Crystal Chandeliers act as a timeless focal in the Devonshire Ballroom which already sets the mood for an elegant wedding. Here are a couple of our favorite weddings that we have designed at The Langham Chicago: Olive Branch Wedding + Floating Tulip Garden



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