15 Stunning Chuppahs for Jewish Weddings

Chuppahs are the four-post structures that a Jewish bride and groom traditionally get married beneath. From my experience, it is important they have 4 open sides and a covered top, but besides that you can pretty much design them how you would like. A wedding chuppah is quite large in size because you must fit the bride, groom and Rabbi beneath. Therefore, they tend to become the focal point in any jewish wedding ceremony and a very important part of the overall wedding decor.

Now, let’s get to the beautiful wedding chuppah designs!

Chuppahs with Greenery

The most beautiful chuppah designs can be created using only greenery like the examples below. While the first style is modern and simple. The second is a boxwood chuppah that would be used in a more preppy or elegant design.

Chuppah with Greenery
Photo by: Amanda Megan Miller
Chuppah with Greenery
Photo by: Elizabeth Messina Floral by: Mindy Rice
Chuppah with Greenery
Photo by: Ann & Kam Photography

Chuppahs with Floral

Whether you are adding clusters of floral or floral all the way around, we love the look of these floral chuppahs. If you are not fully covering the chuppah in flowers or greenery you will notice the actual structure makes a huge difference in what you choose. A birch chuppah (seen in the first image below) is a perfect fit for the space it is in. In the third image, a white structure is perfect for a more beach-y vibe!

Chuppah with Floral
Photo by: TimTab Studios
Chuppah with Floral
Photo by: Andre Lacour

Unique Chuppahs

Unique designs are not for everyone, but they are for the bold! Doing something that hasn’t been done before will be memorable. In this first image below – the designer takes a lucite chuppah, leaves it completely simple, and creates drama with the decor around it. The other two were so unique that we just had to include them; they are a designers dream. Focused more on material than typical wedding chuppahs.

Unique Chuppah
Photo by: Belathée Photography Floral & Design: Sinclair and Moore
Unique Chuppah
Photo by: Ana Hinojosa and Sergio Sandona Floral by: HOUSE OF KIRSCHNER 

Chuppahs with Draping

Draping is a simple way to give your chuppah a romantic and grand feel. These three chuppahs below are not all that different, however, the way they are draped and have floral being used makes them feel completely different. Although there are none shown below, using colored draping can be beautiful as well.

Chuppah with Draping
Photo by: Mi Belle Floral By: Blush Botanicals
Chuppah with Draping
Photo by: Kevin Chin Design & Floral:  Nancy Liu Chin Designs

Extravagant Chuppahs

These extravagant chuppahs speak for themselves, enjoy!

Extravagant Chuppahs
Photo by: Samuel Lippke Studios Floral by: Mark’s Garden
Extravagant Chuppahs
Photo by: @dmitry_shumanev Floral by: @butterflyfloral
Extravagant Chuppahs
Photo by: Callaway Gable Floral by: Levine Fox Events

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