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Meet The Designers of the Life In Bloom Team

They say it helps to put a face to the name, so today that’s exactly what we’re doing…

At Life In Bloom, when you meet with your designer, you are effectively meeting with the person who will be responsible for producing your event! While we also have an incredible support team of freelancers who help with prep and installations (another blog for another day), the majority of your event will be designed and produced by our small but incredibly talented team.

With that being said, we figured it would be fun to share a little more about our team today on the Blog!  Thanks to Ashley of Artistrie Co. for the incredible photos you will see below!

Life in Bloom: Chicago Wedding & Event Design Team

Life in Bloom: Meet the Chicago Event Design Team

Life in Bloom Wedding & Event Designers

Rachel Wyffels

Rachel Wyffels, Owner of Life in Bloom

The Owner of Life In Bloom, Rachel got her start at a very young age.  Growing up in a rural area, she was encouraged by her parents to grow her own plants and flowers and she knew from a young age she wanted to work with flowers when she grew up.  After gradating from The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Horticulture, she quickly became one of the top horticulturalists in Chicago. With an incredible eye for design, she has a gift of very quickly understanding your vision with seemingly very little effort. With her floral expertise, she has a way of always crafting something unique while also beautiful.

Personal Life: Rachel loves sweets, she is like a real life Buddy The Elf in that regard.  She loves to travel to new places and when doing so, always finds a way to visit the local Botanic Gardens on her trips. Greece and Amsterdam are on her list of places to check off next!

Design Tip: “It all comes down to choosing great colors and textures that work well together.  Practicing with different combinations as often as possible allows you to see what clashes and what works.  Sometimes something might sound good in your head, but when you start to create, the aesthetic is all wrong.  You need to know when to say, that just doesn’t look good.”

Favorite Flower: “Ohh, There are so many, this is hard! Ranunculus? Sweet Pea? I don’t know!”

Favorite Design Trend of 2016: “Greenery, Greenery, Greenery! (Which just so happens to be the 2017 Pantone color of the year.)  I love incorporating a lot of greenery because it allows me to be much looser with the shape and it lends itself to a more fresh, organic, garden-like aesthetic. This past year, we had more couples embracing greenery than ever before!”


Erin McLoraine

Erin McLoraine, Wedding & Event Designer

Erin started with Life In Bloom as a freelance floral designer at the beginning of 2015.  By the Summer of 2016, she became a full time member of the team, growing our corporate side of the business, meeting with clients, and designing spectacular events (all while managing our marketing and social media accounts). If you have a chance to meet Erin, you are in for a real treat as her bubbly and positive energy is overwhelmingly contagious!

Personal Life: Erin is a Coffee connoisseur, Chicago sports enthusiast, and is a firm believer that retail therapy is a very real thing.

Design Tip: “Flowers are just a small fraction of what you should consider when designing your event!  Careful selection in linens, flatware, lighting, and drapery can make all of the difference!  Within each of these categories, you have hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from.  No two events should ever feel the same!”

Favorite Flower: “Delicate Garden Roses (Specifically Alabaster, White O’Haras, and Juliets)”

Favorite Design Trend of 2016: “I am obsessed with stone vases!  The aged feel of a stone container helps create such a timeless and romantic feel on your table.”


Tim Jung

Tim Jung, Graphics Designer

Tim is our secret weapon.  One of the things that makes our design process unique is the visuals that we offer to our clients.  If you’ve ever received a fancy set of renderings for your event, that was most likely thanks to his work. He also designs and produces all of our graphics used for our events.  With a degree in Landscape Architecture, and 3 years experience working as an Art Director at another Event Design company, Tim brings a unique skill-set to our team that make us extremely dangerous.

Personal Life: Tim grew up in Elmhurst, a Western Suburb of Chicago and attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  He loves running and has completed 5 Chicago Marathons to date. His favorite place to travel is Hawaii, and oh yea, he is the husband of Owner and previously mentioned, Rachel Wyffels.

Design Tip: “I look at things from a scale perspective.  Whatever you create should have an impact within the room as a whole, but also impress when observed up close.  I always suggest spending a little extra on at least one “wow-factor” element that will really make a memorable and impactful statement!”

Favorite Flower: “I always tend to find Jasmine Vine quite mesmerizing.”

Favorite Design Trend of 2016: “Perhaps it was just the type of clientele that we have been dealing with more and more lately, but I love that we have been getting to do a lot more suspended pieces.  It goes back to what I said before, it creates a much larger impact on the overall room, and creates an instant experience for people when they walk in as well as when they are dining beneath a beautiful centerpiece floating above them!”

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