Branching Out – Winter Wedding Inspiration

Winter weddings can be some of our favorite events to design.  And when it comes to creating a mood and feel that is unique to winter, we believe that there is no better way to capture the essence of winter than by incorporating a plethora of twigs, stems, and branches into your centerpieces, arches, suspended focal pieces, chuppahs, or essentially any part of your decor!


Today we are sharing with you a few of our favorite branches or twigs to use for your winter wedding as well as some gorgeous branch centerpiece and decor inspiration.  One thing to keep in mind: If you are designing a winter wedding, always remember to incorporate plenty of candles and bring in additional lighting because after all, it will likely be dark for much of your wedding.  The worst thing that you could do is invest in beautiful decor that gets lost in the dark!

Grapewood Candle Holder Decor Element


Birch Wood Room Divider


Manzanita Branch Centerpiece


Cherry Branch Centerpieces


Branch Focal Suspended Over Tables


Cherry Branches Lining The Ceremony Aisle

Grapevine Ceremony Arch with Greenery and Floral


Arch Constructed From an Eclectic Mix of Branches and Floral


Curly Willow and Orchid Chuppah


Cherry Branch Chuppah

Don’t be afraid to branch out and get creative when it comes to your wedding. Embrace the magic of the winter season!  Birch wood, cherry branches, grapevine, grapewood, curly willow, and drift wood all create a fun and unique aesthetic that is sure to transport your guests to a winter wonderland! At Life In Bloom, we have a handful of winter weddings coming up this year and we’re already looking forward to incorporating a variety of branches into their decor!



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