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10 Fabulous Escort Card Displays

Escort card displays have become a novelty in weddings. If you think about wedding decor, most pieces are fairly standard. Sure, you can have a unique arch in your ceremony, or unique flowers in your centerpiece, but you most likely have seen something similar. The escort card display is truly the one piece of wedding design that can be so unique. It can be personalized to fit you as a couple. It can be on a table, a wall, a free-standing piece, and so much more!

One of our favorite parts of wedding design is coming up with something fabulous and unique for escort card displays. Do you want your guests to have an experience when they find their card? Do you want them to be able to take it home with them? There’s also a functional piece to it (and yes it’s important) – it indicates what table each guest is sitting at. If your caterer needs guests to have their meal choice on the card, they may need to bring the escort card with them to the table.

There are many important pieces to the functional side, but let’s deal with that another time, here are 10 fabulous escort card displays!

#1 – A Printed Escort Card Board

That printed floral design plus the green individual cards are perfection! The floral at the bottom may seem like an unnecessary additional piece, but it truly adds so much!

Escort Card Print

Photo: Ryan Ray Photo | Cards: Kara Anne Paper | Floral & Design: Southern Posies

#2 Punny Escort Card Displays

Escort Card Display

Planning: Amorology Weddings | Photo: Devon Donnahoo | Backdrop: Backup Backdrops

#3 The Love Story Wall

This couple shared their love story on the escort card display. This dusty shade of blue with the white illustrations plus the addition of florals brought it to life!

Escort Card Displays

Photo: Kurt Boomer | Backdrop: Iron Grace Rentals | Floral: Poppy Design Co. | Planning: Sarah Park Events

#5 Hydrangea Tree Escort Cards

These escort card were attached the these incredible “hydrangea trees”. A logistical nightmare, maybe? But a awe-inspiring moment, definitely!

Hydrangea Tree Escort Cards

Photo: Tec Petaja | Planning: Calder Clark | Floral: Blossoms Events

#6 Potted Plant Table Display

Such a sucker for anything with potted plants. There are a few key things that take this display to the next level: the fullness of the table decor, the specialty wood table and the natural backdrop. Together, they make for a seriously dreamy escort card display.

Photo: Michael Radford | Florist: Isa Floral

#7 Succulent Wall

This fun display gave guests each their own succulent plant to take to their seats and then home with them at the end of the evening. Also, their cute caption above is so creative!

Photo: Lauren Scotti | Planning: Wild Heart Events

#8 Boxwood and Lucite

Creating an escort card wall for a large guest count means a large wall! Lucite was placed on top of a boxwood wall to create this striking escort cart wall! Flanked with a little candle light to give it a touch of romance.

Boxwood Wall Escort Cards

Floral: Life in Bloom | Photo: Riverbend Studio | Planning: Big City Bride | Calligraphy: White Oak Calligraphy

#9 Surf’s up Escort Card Displays

Taking a love for surfing to the classiest level possible! Need we say more?

Photo: Garrett Richardson | Planning: LVL Weddings | Floral: Eucharis Studio

#10 Boozy Escort Card Displays

Love to see a boozy display. We’ve seen champagne, tequila shots, mini bottles – but this couple had Himalayan salt shot glasses waiting for their guests!

Photo: Janine Licare Photo | Planning: Audere Events | Floral: Stems by Diana



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