Flower Friday | Hydrangea

Happy Flower Friday Everyone!  This weeks featured flower is the Hydrangea!  There are an incredible amount of varieties of this beauty.  They come in a range of colors including white, green, light ‘kiwi’ green, light & dark blue, light & bright pink, deep purple, and mixed varieties.  My absolute favorite varieties are the mixed or antique hydrangea varieties.  They are simply gorgeous.  One great thing about hydrangea is it’s size.  If you are looking for some larger floral arrangements for your wedding or ceremony, these are a good option because they cover a lot of space.  Besides looking stunning in floral design, they also make great landscape plants.  They produce stunning blooms to bring in throughout the summer.  You can even try your hand at dying the flowers in the fall.  Limelight is one of my favorite varieties for that as they turn a gorgeous pink color in the Fall!


Check out the pictures below of some of the fabulous varieties of Hydrangea.Flower Friday Hydrangea

{Images via google}

A few Gorgeous Examples of Hydrangea in Centerpieces…Hydrangea Centerpieces

{Images via Holly Chapple& Wedding Chicks}

And just because we love sweets so much, some cute hydrangea cupcakes by Glorious Treats!Hydrangea Cupcake



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