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Roses, roses, and more roses! For this Wedding at Company 251, we used a variety of hues ranging from taupe to peach to curate a truly unique floral palette with a perfect summer vibe that helped lighten up this industrial space.

Peachy Wedding at Company 251

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Flower Friday has been seriously MIA for a while and I apologize!  We have been busy meeting with some awesome clients for 2014 and brainstorming some exciting things to come in the next few months!!  Today we are chatting about the Gloriosa Lily, a fun and unique flower.  They come in a variety of colors; […]

Happy Friday!  This week’s featured flower is a unique one: The one and only King Protea!  If you are looking for something ‘one of a kind’ and tropical or exotic for your wedding, protea are a perfect choice.  King Protea are native to South Africa where they are, in fact, the National Flower.  With their […]