Preserve Your Wedding – Not Just Your Bouquet

After many of our couples tie the knot, we often get an email a week or two later either from the bride, the mother of the bride, or even the long lost aunt of the groom, inquiring about the best way to “preserve” the Bridal Bouquet. And while the intention of preserving the bouquet is a wonderful thing, less wonderful is the way that the preserved bouquet often ends up looking. I can speak from personal experience as we had this done after our own wedding nearly ten years ago! And today, that bouquet sits in a glass case in a closet at my in law’s home. While I obviously don’t want to throw it away due to its sentimental value, it really isn’t very sightly… especially compared to the original fresh bouquet which was full of Peonies, Sweet-Pea, and Lily of the Valley.

So today, we present you with an alternative option to bouquet preservation that we’re sure any Bride would much prefer! And rather than preserving just your bouquet, this option allows you to preserve your entire wedding day along with all of the emotion and love that came out of months, perhaps years, of planning! We enlisted Sheila Jung of Sheila Jung Fine Art to create truly stunning canvas paintings that captured the beauty of a handful of our favorite weddings from this past year as gifts to our couples to help them forever remember their special day. Full disclosure, Sheila is my sister, so of course I am biased, but her work is undoubtedly ART (as that was what she studied at Cornell College).

So today, we present you with an alternative option to bouquet preservation that we’re sure any Bride would much What we love about Sheila’s approach to her work is that she captures the overall mood of a wedding without creating an exact replica of a photograph of your centerpiece, adding to your anxiety that your living room, and perhaps your entire home, are slowly but surely becoming a shrine full of your wedding photos. Instead, Sheila can create a piece of beautiful artwork to hang on your walls that speaks only to you and your spouse to remind you both of all of those feelings and emotions from that special day!

Enjoy a look at some of our favorite pieces that Sheila has created for us, below! And if you are interested in commissioning her to create something special for your home, you can contact her here.



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