A Bridal Bouquet for every Occasion (okay, 50 occasions)

Crafting a Bridal Bouquet with Your Style in mind

One of the most exciting design elements to pick out for your wedding day is your bridal bouquet! This is where you get to show off your colorful style or your timeless and elegant look. At Life in Bloom we make your bridal bouquet personalized just for you. We take into consideration the size and shape of the bouquet so that it brings out the best qualities of you (specifically in your dress).

For instance, if you are wearing a clean-lined satin dress with a long train, you might opt for a more traditional bouquet. If you will be wearing a super lacy, form-fitting dress like this one, perhaps a big cascading bouquet with lots of unique textures is more your look. Ultimately it is up to you to on what your bouquet will look like, so having an overall vision in mind helps inform the ideal look for your perfect bridal bouquet.

A Timeless but Custom Bridal Bouquet

Every bouquet that we design is unique in its own ways. When choosing a bouquet, you have to think about a couple of important details. What is the overall color scheme of your wedding? What is the overall theme or feel of your big day? If you are looking for a more whimsical, romantic, classic feel, then you might look for an all white bouquet with small touches of greenery. There are many different types of white flowers and textures that you can use for this look. There are also many different shades of greenery that can change the overall look of your bouquet too.

The good thing about green and white bouquets is they are timeless. You’ll never look back at an all white bouquet and think to yourself, “what was I thinking!?”

How to make a Tasteful Colorful Bridal Bouquet

Adding color to your bridal bouquet is also a great way to tie together your wedding theme. Some of our favorite bouquets that we have designed for brides have been with touches of color or full of multiple colors and textures. Even adding a colorful ribbon to your bouquet is a great way to add some color. These bouquets tend to really stand out and are a show stopper and conversation starter to guests. They make for some beautiful photos as well!

Regardless of what wedding bouquet you choose for your big day, make sure that it brings out the best in yourself. Don’t be afraid to add some color or go for a unique shape or style if that’s what fits you best. This should be the exciting part of planning your wedding, so don’t be stressed and have some fun when creating it! Below is a gallery of some of our favorite Life in Bloom bouquets that we have designed for past brides over the years. We hope you find some inspiration from these. And if not, check out more of our work here!



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