Life In Bloom Holiday Party Decor – Life-sized gingerbread house

This year, for the Life In Bloom Holiday Party, we hosted our team at our new home with one noteworthy surprise.  We transformed our dining room into a life-sized gingerbread house! The gingerbread house was actually pretty simple to construct.  Using just cardboard from leftover boxes (florist problems), craft paper, white acrylic paint, candy-cane patterned ribbon, pillow stuffing, and some christmas lights, we were able to bring the North Pole right into our home!  See our intial ideas in a sketch (which can be seen below) which became the basis of what we built.

Next, inside of the life-sized gingerbread house, we created the cutest “adult hot cocoa bar”.  Then, everyone received a festive mug with their initials on them which they used to serve the hot-cocoa in.  A little tip: I made ‘home-made hot cocoa’ following this recipe and it was simply heaven in your mouth!  As my husband so eloquently put it, ‘it tastes like Portillo’s chocolate cake shake but warmed up!’  Additionally, we provided a tray of fixings (Orange Liqueur, Peppermint Schnapps, Baileys, Kahlua, Cool Whip, Candy Canes, Gum-Drops, Sprinkles, and Pirouettes) which everyone used to make their customized boozy hot cocoas.

Lastly, because decor is everything to us, we set the cocoa bar on a plaid fabric linen, and adorned the table with burgundy taper candles in gold candle-holders and a string of twinkle lights wrapped in faux snow along the back end of the table.  Everything looked super cute and cozy and definitely got us in the holiday spirit!  And the best part of it all, my niece and nephew got to enjoy it just two days later!  Enjoy the photos below… What should we build next year!?

Happy Holidays!! XOXO





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