5 Simple Steps to be the Best Holiday Host

Entertaining during the holidays can be a huge stressor for most of us. It’s hard enough to have a tidy house and delicious meal on the table… you can forget about the cute Pinterest projects you were excited about months ago. Thankfully for you, we have nailed down the KEY to being a great host. Are you ready? No seriously, are you ready for it? Do you have a notebook out? Just kidding, you won’t need it… because… the KEY to being a great host is simply…planning ahead!

Of course, there are some things that need to be done the day-of, but creating a master list of those tasks will make you feel much more at ease. We are sharing with you 5 simple steps to being the best holiday host this year:

1. Make a Holiday Drink

A week or two before your holiday party, print out a recipe and have it with your grocery list. Find something simple that you can toss into a pitcher (like, holiday sangria) or crockpot (like, adult cider). Then label it and set out glasses. A simple folded piece of paper labeled will let guests know it is out for them!

5 Simple Steps to being the best Holiday Host


2. Set the Table

Yes, this sounds obvious, but you can do this days in advance! Candles + Holiday Greens makes an easy, yet gorgeous centerpiece! For an added touch, put place cards where people are sitting, it is a simple detail that looks like you really have your party planning together.

5 Simple Steps to being the best Holiday Host

5 Simple Steps to being the best Holiday Host


3.”Please Don’t Stop the Music”

From the moment your first guest walks in, be sure to have the holiday music on repeat! If you are using some sort of bluetooth speaker make sure it is charged and ready to go a few days before. It will really make your first guests feel more comfortable that it isn’t silent.

5 Simple Steps to being the best Holiday Host


4. Set Aside Serving Platters

Pull out all of your serving pieces you will be using for appetizers and main dishes. Label these with post-it notes and you will be SO AHEAD OF THE GAME! This way, when someone offers to help you pull dinner out of the oven, you won’t have to go searching for a platter in front of all your guests.

5 Simple Steps to being the best Holiday Host


5. Thank your Guests

Be the first to thank everyone before the meal is served. After all, if you did all this work for them, they must be pretty great!


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